Scripts I made that might be useful to you too

Blender Gif Output for png's

Converts blender output .png's in /tmp/*.png to a gif, webp, and dithered/1bit gifs.
Requires gifski, imagemagick, and webp (and ffmpeg if you want to play with the telegram sticker output)

Blender Gif Output for exr's

Converts blender output .exr's in /tmp/*.exr to a lossless webp, dithered gif, ordered dithered gif, and (1bw/2bw/4color)-bit gif.
Supposedly using gamma corrected images works better for dithering, so I started using exr files since they store linear colorspace. So then I had to figure out colorspace commandline switches for converting linear to sRGB (I think I got most of them...).
I started switching to ffmpeg because google's webp commandline program can't open exrs, but ffmpeg can! Imagemagick was also making the ordered dither gif look really low quality for some reason, but ffmpeg's looked pretty good. Ffmpeg is also a lot faster.
Requires ffmpeg and imagemagick

Animated Montage

Glues together a bunch of animated images into one. Need to manually set the frame time in the script.
Requires gifski and python 3

Cut Gif Frames

Removes frames from a gif while keeping the overall time the same. Basically reduces the framerate.
Requires python 3 and imagemagick

Cleanup Snap

On Ubuntu, snaps like to take up lots of disk space. This removes all the old versions of saved snaps.