Solo Projects

Manual Image Sorter

This program was created to facilitate sorting a folder of images into other folders. I was motivated to make this because trying to sort any large amount of images using Windows Explorer is a slow process.
I consider this project mostly done as I can't think many ways to make it any better for myself and I lack anyone else's input at the moment.
Github site for Manual Image Sorter

HTML Pathfinder Character Sheet

A very incomplete character sheet for Pathfinder that I made in html after being inspired by a friend of mine making a much more complete sheet in Excel.
Pathfinder Character Sheet (hosted here)
Github Page

Group Projects


This was the first game that I worked on in Husky Game Development. The goal was to create a "bullet hell" style game. I created all of the enemy patterns and some of the player shooting patterns. The game was written in C++ using the ORX engine.
Use "GODMODE" as your player name to make it so you are invincible in order to see more the game.
Github Page


Created in my second year at HGD, Cosmic is a real time strategy game set in space. This is the first game made by HGD to support network multiplayer. Written in Java, this game uses the JMonkey3D engine.
Github Page

Copper Rush

The third and final HGD game I contributed too. The Quincy mine had asked HGD for some game, I've forgotten the details.
Husky Games Page

Kill The Dragon

Something non-HGD! Made in 24 hours for a hackathon with my mechanical engineer friend and a freshman CS student. It was quite a bit of fun teaching programming!
Github Page